How much is my coin worth ?

We have been asked this question a lot. That's why we have created secondary market index tracker, which will show you the current value on auction markets such as ebay.

How does it work ?

We analyse data of 15-20 sold coins from secondary markets such as ebay. prices are updated every 2 weeks, however the frequency of updates is dependent on the volume of sales. we compare only like for like conditions and exclude any mules, errors or fake listing. 




our Tracker index is designed to provide you with only a guide price based on sales achieved on eBay, however prices may vary depending on collectors demand and condition of the coin being sold. all coins worth the face value, however coin enthusiast/collectors may be willing to pay more for the coin. Our Index tracker does not provide any guarantees to future values of coins and each customer should make it's own decision on price when selling it. We do not accept any liability for your use of the information provided on our website since the accuracy of the prices is not guaranteed due to the inconsistency of eBay sales data.

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